• Network (ENG)

  • K9 SAR Mantrailing Nederland is an independent organization that enjoys working with sister organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

    We are still in the process of setting up our network, as we are very careful in selecting the organizations with whom we work. Not every organization can join our network.

    Our network consists of collaborating partners in the field who offer high-quality mantrailing training.

    Only trainers experienced in mantrailing are eligible to work with us.

    These trainers are distinguished by their willingness to offer honest training, to continuously review and question their work and the methods they use; they do not follow ideas or concepts blindly but think for themselves. In short, they are independent, open-minded and forward-looking trainers.

    Currently, K9 SAR MantrailingNL collaborates with the following organizations:
    27f85f7af9-Logo_findyourmanThe instructor Jenny Wehage at “Find Your Man!” is committed without reservation to keeping an open mind with regard to the methods she uses.

    Honesty vis-à-vis the dogs and their handlers is of paramount importance.

    Her training is of high quality, resourceful and inventive.



    A small, but very motivated mantrailing group. Their goal is: honest training.

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    mantrailgroeplogoWe also collaborate with the call-out group “Stichting Mantrailgroep Nederland”.