• Monique van Weeren (EN)

  • Dogs are an integral part of the private and professional life of Monique van Weeren

    She currently has five dogs, of which two are ready/nearly ready for call-outs, one is a retired mantrailer, and two are pets.

    In addition to hosting K9 SAR Mantrailing NL events, she works in her own hydrotherapy center, providing rehabilitative hydrotherapy treatments to dogs with a variety of conditions.

    She is also the founder of the search-and-rescue group Stichting Mantrailgroep Nederland, where she is the call-out team leader, instructor, and actively training member with two of her dogs.

    She began as a search-and-rescue handler (area, water and rubble searches) in 1998, and was a member of a number of organizations in the Netherlands, including the Reddinghondenwerkgroep Westervoort (RHWW) (Westervoort SAR Working Group).

    In 2001, she became aware of the mantrailing instruction provided by Tom Middlemas in Scotland, where she visited and trained regularly.

    In 2004 she began practicing mantrailing, initially alone with her own dogs. Later she set up her own training group, which became the group known as “Stichting Mantrailgroep Holland”, specialized in mantrailing.

    In order to broaden and deepen her knowledge, she attended numerous seminars with various internationally renowned trainers and has trained a number of dogs.

    A partial list of the mantrailing seminars she attended can be found here:


    • Jack Schuller (USA) in Germany


    • Kevin Kocher (INBTI USA) in Germany
    • Glenn D Poole (USA) in Holland


    • 2X Kevin Kocher (INBTI USA) in Holland


    • 2X Marshall Thielen (INBTI USA) in Holland


    • Tom Middlemas (Schotland) in Germany
    • 2X Tom Middlemas (Schotland) in Holland


    • Tom Middlemas (Schotland) in Germany


    • Tom Middlemas (Schotland) in Germany
    • Luis Ledbetter (TDE USA) en John Salem in Germany
    • Luis Ledbetter en Mary Mc Davenport (TDE USA) in Germany
    • Workshop Andreas Vogel Westlaekenteam (INBTI) in Germany


    • Luis Ledbetter, Kevin Gannon (TDE USA) and John Salem in Holland
    • GBMA seminar, o.a. Luis Ledbetter, Susi Conrad in Germany
    • TDE Germany Luis Ledbetter, Kevin Gannon, Mary Davenport (TDE USA) in Germany
    • LEBA several instructeurs in Amerika
    • Workshop Jurgen & Susi Conrad, Stendal Germany GBMA


    • GAK9 europe Jeff Schettler, Dortmund
    • K9 SAR Mantrailing Nederland, John Salem, Jurgen & Susi Conrad, Monique van Weeren, Aalten
    • GBMA Seminar Germany
    • GAK9 Dusseldorf, diverse instructeurs (als assistent instructeur)
    • 2X K9 SAR Mantrailing Nederland, URBAN 1 and advanced John Salem, Monique van Weeren, Aalten / the Netherlands


    • diverse workshop mantrailing in Nederland
    • K9 SAR Mantrailing Nederland & GAK9 met John Salem, Jeff Schettler, Monique van Weeren, Aalten the Netherlands
    • GAK9 Jeff Schettler (USA) in Frankrijk


    • Diverse workshops
    • Workshop Alis Dobler, Zwitserland
    • Instructeurs-opleiding S.I.F.D. zoekhonden
    • K9 Sar Mantrailing seminar with John Salem
    • GAK9 Dusseldorf